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Multiple studies have shown that genetic effects can have strong impacts on DNA methylation levels. Methylation quantitative trait loci (meQTLs) are genetic loci at which genetic variation is associated with variation in DNA methylation at a specific CpG site.

The MeQTL EPIC Database reports the results of a meQTL analysis at 724,499 CpGs profiled with the Illumina Infinium MethylationEPIC array in 2,358 blood samples from three UK cohorts. You can find the full details of the study in:
VillicaƱa, S., Castillo-Fernandez, J., … & Bell, J. T. (2023). Genetic impacts on DNA methylation help elucidate regulatory genomic processes. Genome Biology 24, 176.


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  • Filter and download meQTL associations in the MeQTLs tab.
  • Explore the CpGs and meQTL SNPs in their genomic context in the Visualisation tab.


Maintained by Sergio VillicaƱa
Department of Twin Research & Genetic Epidemiology
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